About Us

About Miracle House Foundation

Built from the structure, staff and community of New Life House, the team at Miracle House Foundation has been able to leverage over 33 years of the most effective and highest quality of care in the industry to offer an unparalleled yet affordable recovery solution. From the moment you step foot in Miracle House Foundation, you’ll instantly become part of an incredibly strong community of sober men and their families, that has been cultivated over decades. Our houses are staffed by managers and directors with extensive experience in the field of recovery, all of whom share an enthusiasm and vision to make quality help accessible to all. Together, we are committed to playing our part in tackling the overwhelming scourge of addiction.


Our house members are accountable not only to themselves, but also to each other as well as their entire sober community.


Miracle House boasts a strong community of alumni returning to help current house members.


We help our entire community with going back to college, finding a career path or even completing high school.

Not A Typical Sober Living

We are a sober living by name, but that’s about it. Our comprehensive structure, developed over the course of over 33 years of experience, is what makes us unique. We are outliers not only in our approach, but in our numbers. New Life House, started in 1985 and expanded by Michael Joly, has become one of the largest recovery communities in LA. Miracle House Foundation has been able to take the same staff, structure, quality of care and community that has led to New Life House being one of the most successful programs in the nation, and make it available to families that otherwise couldn’t afford it. That’s what makes us so special—community. We believe that sober living is only the start. When our residents graduate and embark on their personal journeys, they’ll always have a home base to come back to. A place for support. A place to give back. A place to call home.


Whether it is through sponsorship, career connections, or regular alumni events, the continued participation of graduates is integral to our success. From day one, our residents are encouraged to form strong, positive relationships with one another, often lasting for years to come. The structure, built to emphasize and habituate the principles which we believe to be paramount to long-term recovery; things like honesty, tolerance, patience, accountability and selflessness—are upheld by the residents amongst themselves. Peer accountability is the cornerstone of everything we do, and our alumni carry this into their lives far beyond graduation. Miracle House Foundation staff strive to foster mentorship roles between residents in various stages of our program, creating an environment that truly deviates from the “us versus them” hierarchy of traditional treatment. Gradually increasing responsibilities in the house as well as in the lives of others has proven to bolster self-confidence and drive which our residents exemplify in their careers, schooling, family lives and personal recovery. We believe that recovery is the responsibility of the individual, we are simply here to empower.

Men Succeeding Together

Amongst the many tendencies displayed by those suffering from addiction, isolation remains one of the most common. Despite the social circumstances of years past, many of the men who arrive at Miracle House Foundation have gradually dismantled all healthy relationships in their lives as a result of negative behaviors. The solitude that ensues begets depression, which drives the need to use; the cycle continues.


This is why Miracle House Foundation has geared itself towards young men specifically. We believe that the age and gender specificity facilitates a true sense of camaraderie that is integral for success. Our house member encourage one another to strive for greatness during their stay here and often long beyond the time they leave our program. They come to rely upon each other and ultimately rediscover the value of true friendship. The power of strong community is not a theory, it’s been proven for years by the ever-expanding New Life community that Miracle House Foundation used as its starting point when born. Watching alumni attend each other’s weddings or pursue joint business ventures, we can say for sure that the strength of these bonds is truly the fabric of long-term recovery success.

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As a non-profit sober living, we are able to help individuals who may otherwise not be able to meet the level of care necessary for them to achieve long-term sobriety. Click below to make a contribution and find out more information on how you can help.