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Beverly Hills is a city located within Los Angeles County, California, surrounded by the cities of Los Angeles and West Hollywood. Beverly Hills has a population of approximately 34,000 people, many of whom are employed by the entertainment industry, including television, film, and music. Tourists flock to the area to enjoy shopping on Rodeo Drive, gourmet restaurants, luxury hotels, Beverly Gardens Park, celebrity-spotting, and more. The year-round warm temperatures offer both locals and visitors a chance to enjoy a multitude of outdoor activities, including beach time, hiking, and taking a short journey to nearby mountains. 

Despite all the positives about this beautiful area of Southern California, drug and alcohol addiction pervades the lives of many people in the region. Beverly Hills sober living offers a treatment solution to help these people regain their footing and embrace long-lasting sobriety before returning to their homes.

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Why Beverly Hills Sober Living May Be Right For You

Going to a treatment program can be intimidating for anyone. They may want the comfort of sticking close to home while they work on their sobriety. Beverly Hills sober living provides people who call Southern California and Los Angeles their home, a way to immerse themselves in a recovery program while still being near loved ones and familiar surroundings. Because sober living homes often allow people to work or go to school while living there, many people benefit from living near their homes, jobs, and schools. 

Sober living homes often include activities in the area or encourage residents to engage in them. The Beverly Hills area provides access to many cultural activities, like museums, theaters, and live music. Outdoor activities can be enjoyed year-round, allowing everyone to get out in the fresh air and enjoy a relaxing day at the beach or invigorating outside athletics. 

Having supportive loved ones nearby also helps make Beverly Hills an ideal location for getting help. Having nurturing, positive influences among a person’s family and friends can add to inspiring them to stay sober. Keeping in close touch with these loved ones can allow a person to feel they are still a part of their home life while enjoying the separation of living away from home that helps instill independence. 

For other people, sometimes getting away from the area in which they live can prove to be fruitful for their recovery. Someone used to a cold climate or living inland may find that receiving treatment in Beverly Hills offers just the change of pace they need. Southern California can offer a new perspective and a way for many people to remove themselves from a toxic home environment. When they leave behind potentially triggering people and situations, they often find it easier to concentrate on their recovery process.

What is Our Beverly Hills Sober Living Program Like?

Sober Home Beverly HillsFor those unfamiliar with life in a sober living home, they may rely on old stereotypes of what was once called “halfway houses”. Today’s modern sober living homes offer a much brighter and positive option for those looking to bridge the time between leaving formal treatment and returning home. Our sober living home provides a beautifully decorated living space in a high-end neighborhood. Luxury sober living homes not only create an opportunity for people in recovery to receive treatment but they can do it while living in a residence that feels like a real home. 

Miracle House Foundation’s program is designed to let residents enjoy the benefits of living a structured life. They learn to become comfortable meeting schedules for events inside the home and keeping appointments for therapy and other events outside the home. Living among like-minded people also in recovery provides a safe space free of drug and alcohol use, which helps set everyone up for success when they return home. 

Daily living in our Beverly Hills sober living home helps teach people to become comfortable and confident in daily life skills that may have slipped to the side during their addiction. Our residents put into practice shopping for food and preparing healthy meals on a daily basis. They learn basic housekeeping skills, how to manage a schedule, and ways to find and keep meaningful employment. 

Living with the other residents helps everyone establish healthy boundaries and enjoy camaraderie with each other. Many of our residents keep in touch with each other after they graduate from our program, which provides a valuable support system for the next stage of their recovery.

Long-Term Addiction Treatment Provides the Best Results

Getting help for substance use disorders takes a real commitment and doesn’t happen in a brief amount of time. Most patients need long-term treatment in order to fully overcome their addictions. The longer a person is in treatment, the more likely they are to avoid relapse. The National Institutes of Health recommends a minimum of 90 days in residential or outpatient treatment in order to have the best outcome. Those who receive less than that amount of time find it has limited effectiveness.

It’s also important for people struggling with addiction to take advantage of more than one type of treatment. Most people begin their treatment with a detox program, then progress to either residential or outpatient treatment. Many benefit from staying in a sober living home after completing the initial treatment stages. Even after formal programs have been finished, aftercare that takes place at home can help keep the person focused on recovery. This can include continuing individual therapy, attending support groups, and making sure to incorporate holistic activities on a regular basis. 

The Impact of The Pandemic On Drug Overdoses

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a spike in the abuse of substances and the dangerous results that can come from it. Data gathered from the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner-Coroner showed an increase of 52% in accidental drug overdose deaths from March to December 2020 compared to the same period in 2019. The drugs most commonly associated with these overdose deaths were fentanyl and methamphetamines. 

With few exceptions, the rate of drug overdoses during this ten-month stage of the pandemic rose among almost all age groups, races/ethnicities, and genders. Males accounted for 77% of these deaths, with people aged 25-34 having the highest rate of drug overdose deaths. Beverly Hills sober living homes provide a safe environment in which to receive assistance with addiction treatment. They are mindful of adhering to federally recommended maximum cleaning procedures so that residents can feel safe while living in them.

Join Our Beverly Hills Sober Living Home

The sober living homes for men in Beverly Hills offer a unique opportunity for someone to put their newfound sobriety into practice while living in a nurturing, trigger-free environment. We provide access to outside treatment programs that help keep you on track with recovery and focused on building an exciting new future. Amenities include sober events, a workout facility, and enjoying the beautiful area beaches. Contact Miracle House Foundation today and find out how our program can help change your life.

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