Lawndale Sober Living

Lawndale, California

Our Lawndale Sober Living is located right in the heart of the South Bay, Los Angeles, located near shopping centers, plenty of jobs, convenience stores, schools, as well as 12 step meetings.


Our Lawndale Sober Living has a small amount of structure put into place to help those who need the support in their first year of sobriety. We want our residents to be able to continue to live their lives while having some rudimentary rules in place to give them the best possible chance at recovery. The Lawndale sober living house has a moderate structure. The house does provide drug tests as well as in-house meetings led by our full-time management team in order to provide a safe and productive environment.


All of our staff are here in order to provide a residence with safe and accommodating structure in order to give our house members a comfortable foundation while they integrate back into society.

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Our sober living home in Lawndale, California is right off of Marine Boulevard in the heart of the South Bay, Los Angeles. There are plenty of activities to take part in within our community including shopping, access to public transit systems, plenty of job opportunities and much more. Lawndale, just like the rest of Los Angeles, is home to hundreds of Alcoholics Anonymous meetings for those ready for a new experience in recovery. The entire Los Angeles area is known to have one of the most supportive recovery communities in the United States, and we believe it is nothing but beneficial for those who are lucky enough to live in this area.




We understand that our residents want to get back to being able to live a normal and productive life, therefore we teach each and everyone of them about independent living. Our house holds daily in-house meetings, where residents are addressed about their goals, what they must do in order to achieve them and what they are doing in their individual recovery process. Each individual in our house will either be looking for work, working currently or re-enrolling in school along with attending 12 step meetings regularly. This recovery process includes working the 12 steps and getting a sponsor as well as contributing to the house by helping maintain it through a variety of chores. All of these actions are in place to help move our residents toward independent living.




Living in recovery is more than just going to meetings though. It is a completely alternative lifestyle that is far removed from simply not drinking and using. Abstinence is not recovery, after all. In addition to encouraging all of our house members to engage in 12 step work by getting a sponsor and working steps, we try to have them become active in other activities such as hobbies and sports.




There are a lot of activities to take part in within and around the Lawndale, CA area. Los Angeles boasts some of the best surfing and beaches, interesting and engaging museums, hiking as well as our well-known fantastic weather year-round. House members can also take trips to a few of the theme parks in and around the area including Disneyland, Knott’s Berry Farm and Six Flags Magic Mountain. Other activities include golfing, paint-balling, bowling, and much, much more. Sobriety in Southern California doesn’t get much better than this!

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