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The road to recovery does not end after treatment. Addiction treatment provides structure, skills, and tools for a life of sobriety. For many men making the transition to their day-to-day lives after residential rehab requires practicing the skills learned in treatment in a safe and nurturing environment, like sober living in Los Angeles.

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What is Sober Living

For men who are in early recovery, returning to their day-to-day lives may mean going back to unstable home environments or temptations to return to addiction. Sober living homes are drug and alcohol-free homes that help bridge the gap between treatment and everyday life. These residences provide structure, stability, and support allowing men in recovery a place to continue to heal from addiction, while learning new skills and responsibility.

What are the Benefits of Sober Living

Sober living provides a great many benefits, the primary advantage being the safe and healing space that fosters continued sobriety. Other benefits include:

Guidance and Support — Miracle House Foundation’s sober living Los Angeles homes are staffed by experienced recovery specialists whose primary mission is to support your sobriety. Our managers and directors are there for you to provide guidance, advice, and help you hone your recovery skills. Additionally, you will be part of a community of peers who are going through the same things that you are.

For many men, opening up about challenging emotions or periods of struggle is especially difficult. With the guidance and support of house managers and your peers, you will learn to identify and feel comfortable talking about emotionally challenging topics in judgment-free space.

Transition Period — For men in recovery who were in inpatient care, going straight back to their everyday lives can be a shock. Residential rehabs are highly structured, with round-the-clock supervision. This structure is incredibly important for helping people establish new habits in recovery; however, real life doesn’t have the same structure. Sober living Los Angeles homes help men transition from the structured environment of rehab into everyday life by balancing independence with routine and accountability.

Community — When you enter into sober living, you will be living with other men who are walking the same path that you are. Oftentimes, the people in your everyday life don’t understand addiction and the recovery process, but the people in sober living do. Peer support is pivotal to sustaining your recovery outside of sober living. Having a community of like-minded individuals helps reduce your risk of relapse.

Additionally, addiction often leads to isolation from supportive friends and family out of shame or fear of judgment. The new relationships that you build in sober living provide support, understanding, and accountability. They will also give you the skills to build or rebuild healthy relationships with people in your everyday life.

Accountability — When you were using drugs or alcohol, you may have let many of your obligations fall to the wayside. Sober living holds its residents accountable to go to meetings, attend therapy appointments, and to work their recovery program. The men in our program help to hold each other accountable as well. 

Life Skills — When you were using drugs or alcohol, feeding your addiction was your primary motivator. Things like healthful eating, regular exercise, housekeeping, and maintaining your personal hygiene may have been overlooked or disregarded. Sober living provides our residents the opportunity to relearn healthful habits and provides much-needed structure and routine. 

While in sober living you will also learn helpful habits, everything from doing regular chores to finding a job.  You will also learn interpersonal skills, such as living with people and dealing with the challenges of shared spaces, to learning how to budget and pay rent and bills on time.

Reduces the Risk of Relapse — Sober living homes provide a place where your primary goal is to learn to live a life of sobriety free from everyday stressors and triggers. This focus allows you to practice and hone recovery skills, learn to navigate and overcome triggers, and build a community of support that will sustain you once you leave the sober living residence. Building a solid foundation in sobriety before going back to your everyday life improves recovery outcomes.

What to Expect in Sober Living

Many sober living homes, like our sober living Los Angeles facility, are focused on providing a safe environment for men in recovery. When you enter into sober living, there are several things you should expect:

  • No drugs or alcohol are allowed
  • Periodic random drug tests
  • Accountability for where you go and returning to the house by a specified time
  • Participation in the upkeep of the home, including chores and cooking
  • No overnight guests
  • To maintain your commitment to your recovery and attend meetings, therapy sessions, or group sessions

Men’s Sober Living Los Angeles

Having a community of recovery-focus like-minded support around you strengthens your sober journey. Miracle House Foundation sober living in Los Angeles provides meaningful tools, resources, and experienced recovery specialists to empower your sobriety. For more information about our sober living homes, call us at 866-727- 3457 or contact us today. 

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