Our Philosophy

Long-Term Recovery is Our Goal

The fundamental flaw of most treatment options lies in the long-game, or lack thereof. Good intentions aside, most 30 or 60 day inpatient programs serve as little more than triage, discharging individuals with an abundance of hope and a complete lack of life skills. Even if they opt to pursue an aftercare program, these will generally lack the support and accountability which is needed for successful reintegration to life.


– We are truly a transitional living with the necessary tools to support young men from day one long into their sober lives. As our residents gain more time with us, they slowly take on new roles and responsibilities, stretching far beyond their physical sobriety. By the end of their stay residents will be able to successfully create, balance and navigate meaningful relationships, gainful employment or schooling, continued service work, financial responsibilities and family life with comfort and ease, enabling a seamless transition back into independent living.


We want our services to be available for all. As a non-profit, we are able to do that through the contributions of our benefactors.


Addiction affects more than just the addict themselves, it affects their entire family. Familial involvement is important to us.


Our house members engage in service work within the community to help build character.

Why Our Structure Works

This is truly what separates us from the rest. Our philosophy stems from the notion that drugs and alcohol were not the problem, but rather a solution for great emotional discord. Habituated through years of maladaptive behaviors, most addicts only know one way to deal with the internal turmoil of their daily lives. We are not simply a house where individuals reside as they maintain physical sobriety. We believe that self-esteem is built through esteemable acts, and as such, our program requires action. The day to day infrastructure of MHF lives and breathes the principles which we think to be absolutely integral for the complete displacement of one’s old ideas and behaviors, and ultimately, the reconstruction of a changed individual.


Coinciding with the teachings of 12 step programs like Alcoholics Anonymous, our residents learn to exemplify traits such as integrity, diligence, tolerance, patience and open-mindedness. Everything from our morning chores to the highly individualized programs assigned to individuals to conquer fears or practice selflessness, serve to allow our residents to find their best selves. However, the real fabric of our success stems from a culture of peer accountability, allowing residents to become truly involved in one another’s recovery. Through structural facets that emulate or resemble the stressors and responsibilities of everyday life, the young men of Miracle House Foundation leave with a comprehensive knowledge of how to navigate an unpredictable world with grace and dignity. Developed over the course of 30+ years, our structure provides an ideal environment which has proven to help countless addicts and alcoholics to achieve long-term sobriety.

Alcoholism: The Family Disease

We believe that addiction and alcoholism affects the entire family and loved ones involved. We have a strong family support network and include family and loved ones in Miracle House Sober Living family groups, activities and events. We hold a weekly family barbecue where families can network with other parents, see the guys and get a great understanding of the magic that takes place within the walls of Miracle House Sober Living in Los Angeles. For families that are unable to participate in the family weekends at the house, we have online forum where families can stay in contact and get updates on whats going on at Miracle House.

Donate Now

As a non-profit sober living, we are able to help individuals who may otherwise not be able to meet the level of care necessary for them to achieve long-term sobriety. Click below to make a contribution and find out more information on how you can help.