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What is Life Coaching?

Becoming a life coach requires undergoing training and certification that comes in different levels, depending on how many training hours the person puts in. Many individuals who complete the highest level of training as life coaches choose to work with people who are new to recovery from addiction to drugs or alcohol. Addiction life coaches work with a person who can benefit from guidance and additional support as they navigate staying sober. The coach typically begins by doing an intake, which involves asking questions to gain a full understanding of the person they are coaching. At Miracle House in Los Angeles, an addiction life coach will take stock of the clients addiction history and the sober goals they want to set as they move through recovery and beyond.

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The purpose of addiction life coaching is to help a person stay in recovery while both utilizing the skills they learned during treatment and benefiting from the advice and support from the coach. Addiction life coaches provide suggestions for ways to handle obstacles that come up and tactics for avoiding temptations to relapse. They also help their clients create schedules that make the most of their time and move them towards their goals. Their role is similar to that of a sponsor in a support group such as 12-step meetings but with the added bonus of specialized training.

Addiction life coaching provides a person to whom the individual in recovery finds themselves accountable. Sometimes when a client knows someone is aware of what they need to accomplish, it keeps them on the path to completing their goals. Someone who enjoys having an addiction life coach working with them can go to the coach with questions and ideas and get feedback from someone who understands how addiction treatment works.  Addiction life coaches also provide an extra boost of support when someone needs it. Having a cheerleader in their corner to remind them of what they’ve already accomplished and express faith in their future abilities can go a long way.


Addiction Life Coaching

Addiction life coaching provides a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires clients in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction to maximize their personal and professional potential. Just as an athlete can excel beyond measure with the right coach, the expert direction and motivation of an addiction life coach can help people achieve their goals of living sober and beyond. We believe our men’s sober living program in Los Angeles provides a well-rounded set of solid help options because of the addiction life coaching we provide.

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Who Can Benefit From an Addiction Life Coach?

Life coaching is an important part of what happens at the Miracle House Foundation where men are able to work with mentors and begin the process of transforming their lives. After finally removing the drugs and alcohol from the picture, these men are left in a situation where learning life skills is of the utmost importance. In order to continue in a life of sobriety, having guidance and support as this journey begins is of the utmost importance.

An addiction life coach in Los Angeles provides more than just advice and support related to staying sober. They also help clients formulate plans related to their jobs, such as trying to reboot a career or decide if a new line of work might be in their best interest. They can also help brainstorm ideas about returning to school and pursuing higher education to help set and complete goals with a long-lasting impact. Addiction life coaches can also provide input related to relationships that have been damaged because of issues related to having a substance use disorder. 

When one of our male residents is in the early stages of recovery from drug and alcohol addiction, receiving the added bonus of an addiction life coach is like having a trained mentor on standby. The coaches can offer advice, provide a shoulder to cry on, and be a reliable resource to make sure all aspects of a person’s new sober life are on track. The men who graduate from our program have a stronger head start on being successful in their recovery when they go home because of the benefits provided by our addiction life coaches.

A report showed that more than two-thirds of individuals who begin treatment for substance use disorders go on to relapse. While many enter treatment again, having an addiction life coach can help a person avoid becoming part of that statistic.

How Addiction Life Coaching Works at the Miracle House Foundation in Los Angeles

At the Miracle House Foundation, a non-profit facility in Los Angeles, each resident is given individualized attention, one-on-one guidance, and the support that they need. We provide our residents with addiction life coaching customized to their individual needs in order to build a new, fulfilling, life. Each coach will teach our sober living residents in Los Angeles, the skills to take positive actions and tackle the challenges that life may throw at them in their newfound recovery. This takes them from dreaming about goals to creating a step-by-step list to achieve them. The daily action of working through the list helps overcome the confusion, distraction, and hopelessness that can interfere with achieving their goals. Our approach is designed for long-lasting, multidimensional success. 

Work With an Addiction Life Coach in Los Angeles

If you or someone you love needs help conquering addiction to drugs or alcohol, Miracle House Foundation in Los Angeles can provide the help you need. We are a sober house for men and provide access to 12-step meetings and outpatient treatment resources. Our addiction life coaching gives you a leg up as you reclaim your life and begin to get healthy.

Miracle House Foundation is passionate about our work and excited to help you start your recovery journey. Contact us today for a complimentary assessment.

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